The Whole Plant

Dandelion Tea

Cleanses Liver, Kidneys & Skin

Prebiotics for Digestive Health

Antioxidants to Fight Free Radicals



Dandelion, this homegrown superplant is the stuff of medicinal legend

At LION, we take advantage of the whole dandelion plant because each part of the plant has its own unique functionality and when combined, make the ultimate homegrown super plant tea.
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Dangerously refreshing & Slightly bitter.

The lawn doctor

Did you know dandelions have super healing powers? In addition to being great for your digestion, gut health, liver, kidneys, and skin – dandelions helped save LION Dandelion Tea
Founder Ray DeRosa’s eyesight.

Turn on your favorite Sarah McLachlan song and
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Drink Your Dandelions Daily

A healthy gut, with a predominance of good bacteria, will regulate digestion and metabolism so that the body can efficiently absorb nutrients from food.
Your gut is also where 90% of your serotonin is created!

Dandelions are like a cafeteria for your gut bacteria! They’re packed with prebiotics (an inulin fiber) which serves as a natural source of food for your hardworking probiotics. They help your gut work harder so you can feel better.

The moral of the story? Drink your dandelions and Gut It Together.

Bee Smart

Our dandelions are the gold standard for attracting pollinators.

Bees love dandelions.
When they emerge from hibernation late March, they head straight for the flowering dandelion.  This early source of food is a game changer for the Bee’s and, as a result, our planet. Without bees, we die.
How you like us now?

Find your dangerously refreshing and restorative dandelion tea

We Gut You, Babe

$2.99per 10 FL OZ

Our weed is only $2.99 each for 10 beautiful & refreshing ounces. Tell that to your dealer.

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What people are saying about us


“Loved it! LION Tea tastes amazing and I honestly feel better drinking it”
“Went out for a crazy Vietnamese dinner followed by tons of mid-week drinks the night before. Drank LION Tea and I’m feeling good, no hangover!”
“I felt like my skin was glowing and I thought it the mint and lemon and honey flavors were great!
“I felt like I was getting sick, I drank a LION Tea and BOOM. I felt better. Amazing!”
“It made that whole bottle of wine feel like it never happened”
“My wife keeps on complimenting me on my glowing skin”
“Great flavor and several benefits related to gut health. Much more refreshing and tasty than Kombucha or other health drinks. I strongly recommend for anyone that likes healthy teas.”
“At first it was a tad bitter but then I can't stop drinking it lol. It's strangely addictive.”
“I can drink this all day long.”
“I love this tea! It is all natural and flavorful. Great way to cure a hangover without all the added sugar and junk! :) "
“I'm officially addicted to this stuff. It has a permanent spot in my fridge. The calorie count is crazy low for the way it tastes and if you do a little research you can find a ton of health benefits from drinking it. I'm a huge fan.”
“Perfect amount of ginger, not over powering. My go to hangover cure.”
“I had food poisoning and LION Tea completely curbed my nausea. Forever grateful!”
“Dandelions saved my eyesight”
LION Tea Founder, Ray DeRosa
“Definitely cured a hangover or two, and helped with a yucky breakout I was having.”
“Drinking LION Tea has now officially been incorporated to my morning ritual and afternoon regimen. :) "
“Jennifer Lawrence drinks dandelion tea to de-bloat before big events”
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Sporks. What are these even for?
Out of the blue FaceTimes – I’m 4 beers deep Aunt Eileen, now’s not a good time.
When people don’t take their backpacks off on the subway. It’s like your piggy-backing a handsy toddler and nobody’s amused.
Mustard stains. When you get mustard on your shirt it forever stays on your shirt. Don’t even try to suggest a remedy here because we’ve tried it.
Rhymes with Ronald Rump.
Artificial flavors and dyes. Why? Poison.
Close-talkers. Ew.
People who incessantly honk their horns. Don’t take your madness out on us honey! Call your mom.
Iceberg lettuce. There’s virtually no nutritional value here and you make salads confusing and wet.
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Bitter Is Better

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Don’t be bitter in life, just drink bitter & feel refreshed.


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